Our Work and What We Do  
We help social work and social care organisations clarify and achieve their aims. Bearing the whole system in mind, we work:
  • with the whole system
  • with groups and individuals within an organisation
  • at the boundary between different organisations.
We do this by engaging in collaborative:
  • analysis and problem solving
  • designing and implementing organisational interventions
  • managing change
  • reflecting and learning
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How we work
We specialise in delivering supervision and consultancy training to individuals, groups, teams and organisations.
We consult on:
  • supervision practice
  • organisational change and development to implement reflective supervision
  • culture change to enhance relationship based practice
  • coaching individuals and teams for leadership and professional development

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We offer a range of health and social care training services to enhance supervisory practice, from development of complete training strategies for supervisory practice to delivery of a single training day. Our service is tailored to meet the specific requirements of our clients to enable them to review and develop their practices.

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Training in interactional supervisory competencies is essential to effective reflective practice and helps address the current crisis in the social work profession. Interactional supervision, the approach used, is well established in reflective social work. It focuses the task of the supervisor and supervisee on the interpersonal exchanges encountered in the supervisory relationship.

Three types of competencies are identified

  • managing supervisory relationships
  • managing job performance
  • promoting professional development
Competency training is a feasible and potentially effective approach and is associated with supervisor satisfaction and stress management. The training employed is compatible with skills-based and intervention-specific supervisor training common among evidence-based treatments and is appropriate for use with reflective social workers, counseling and reflective psychologists, and psychiatric nurses.

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For further details about the consultancy and training activities of the Centre for Social Work Supervision and Consultancy please contact:
Dr David Lawlor
Director of the Centre for Social Work Supervision and Consultancy

Call on: 0775 808 3387

email: enquiries@cswsc.co.uk

write: Dr David Lawlor
PO Box 71821
London NW1W 8DE